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We provide your solutions. Directly to the desks of Germany’s decision-makers.


Bosch-Manager Michael Blichmann: „Energie ist ein Kostenthema und sollte daher als Managementaufgabe angesehen werden.“      Fiagon AG TK      

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Networking, giving new impetus, standing up for free enterprise – that is the goal of Germany’s biggest platform for entrepreneurs: DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT.

Via its digital channels, the TV format and the print magazine, this medium gives business a face. The focus is upon the exchanging of experience between entrepreneurially active people and concrete information that help entrepreneurs and companies to get ahead.

DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT regards itself as a multimedia ideas logistician for solutions, products and services with added value. Bringing these to the decision-makers in business is our service in our field of corporate information.

Target group: the German „Mittelstand“

We are aiming our media presence at the clearly defined target group of Germany’s added-value elite: the owner-entrepreneurs, executive boards, managing directors and medium-sized businesses of the 100,000 biggest companies in Germany.

Hardly anyone knows this target group as well as we do. We are well-known for our rankings of companies and of decision-makers, and are experienced in the media worlds in which decision-makers move, and we know how to deal with the valuable commodity of “attention” when it comes to those whose time is precious.

Content counts, and there is a need to be at eye-level with each other

Our approach to put you at the focus of this attention is based on relevance. Because other rules apply to information services for entrepreneurial decision-makers than in classic advertising formats. Content counts. There is a need to be at eye-level with each other. Solutions that require explanation also require particular text formats. And expert status counts more than just loud messages.

Come with us, a B2B specialist, and differentiate yourself from the restand convey your solution promise. Across all media forms such as print, digital and TV. Explore with us the excellent opportunities and measurable results yielded by the new digital media.

Get in contact with us:

Anna Schäfer, 0049 (0) 2132 / 20 60 215


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